About me

“I specialise in fine-art photography with focus on newborns, babies and portraits of small girls. I aim to capture the innocence and the miracle of birth of every little baby and the tenderness of small girls. I make most of my accessories  myself in order to suit my specific style and to create truly unique photos.
I come from Prague, from a family of artists, my dad used to sing in the Czech Philharmonic and he loved photography, my mom used to be a dancer and she loves crafting. It all came together within me; I love crafting as well as photography for the bottom of my heart and I thoroughly enjoy working with children and babies. After several years of running my business in Prague fate has decided that I moved to Scotland and opened my studio here in Aberdeen.

I am looking forward to seeing you and your little bundles of joy in my studio! :)”

Katy Kaminkova (KATYKAMi)

Katy Kaminkova (KATYKAMi)
Web: www.katykami.co.uk
Email: katykamiphotography@gmail.com

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