More Info

Newborn art photography is my specialization and great love. ♥ It is a very young and unique branch of professional photography which cannot be done by most regular photographers. It requires a great deal of patience and experience with newborn babies. Being a mother myself and focusing on newborn photography for nearly a decade I have managed to perfect my art over time.

Making Your Order

For newborn photography, please contact me during your pregnancy and then we can choose the exact date when your baby is born. Newborn babies are always a priority and I do my very best to fit them into my schedule. It is ideal to come within the first 6-7 days after the baby is born.

With other small children try to choose the time of the session so that they will have eaten and slept right before it, they will be full of energy and the session will go much better!

Making the Photography

I will take a number of pictures, edit the best ones (around 30 for most types of sessions) and you can then choose the you like best. This usually takes 14 days. It is important to count with this delay if you want your photos ready by a specific date.

All images are full resolution in size and fully edited ready to print, with a print release to allow printing for personal use and include both a color and a B&W and B&W – light brown shade version of each image purchased! 

I put maximum attention to every single picture. Being an art photographer I do not sell any of the raw material, e.g. the unaltered photos from the session. Instead, every single picture you receive from me has gone through the full process of creative editing to achieve the best results.

What can you expect?

  • Photography with soul – I prepare everything in advance so that I have an idea of what to do with every session. At the same time I am also flexible and I can quickly adapt to a given situation should the children not be cooperative. I aim to take photos from the best angle to capture the beauty of your children and the tenderness of their soul
  • Exclusive time flexibility – You can choose a specific time which works best for you and your baby and at every session we will stay as long as necessary. There is no need to be stressed or hasty or to count every minute of your time. Sometimes the session takes an hour, other times 3 hours, simply as long as the baby determines.
  • Great amount of accessories, backgrounds and other equipment in the studio – My range of accessories is constantly growing… Most of the accessories, like hats, headbands and skirts I make myself so that they fit perfectly into the pictures.
  • I use natural light to make the photos, if this isn’t possible I have special lighting equipment so that the babies are not disturbed by strobe lights and so on.
  • Last but not least I use top of the line Canon technology – coupled with calm and friendly approach – I truly love my work and I enjoy every second of it.

Things to take with you

If you come to the session with a newborn baby or a baby under 1 year of age you do not need to bring with you anything specific. It might be a good idea to bring something for the child to drink and eat as well as diapers and a favourite toy. All of the equipment required for the session is already in the studio (things like headbands or hats).

Even for small girls under 3 years of age I am well equipped for several types of photos which I am always ready to make. I use custom-made headbands, hats, dresses, hairgrips or skirts which are all available in the studio. Depending on the type of session you choose it might be good to take some extra clothes with you to provide a greater variety of pictures. Festive dresses for small girls are also very welcome :)

After making your order I will send you an email with further information about the session and instructions how to get to the studio.